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Welcome to Bhakti Yoga South Jersey! We pride ourselves in being a Yoga Alliance certified studio, offering our students a family-oriented yoga community in which to grow a yoga practice. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, our experienced, certified instructors will guide you to grow in your practice. There are no fitness levels that cannot serve as a starting point to begin practicing yoga. A regular hot yoga practice reduces body aches and pains, increases energy and improves your sense of well-being. Bhakti Yoga South Jersey offers a full schedule of hot yoga classes as well as non heated yoga classes, and Hot Pilates for an additional workout.

Bhakti Yoga South Jersey is one of the few yoga studios to offer Kundalini Yoga in South Jersey. 

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For many years, Bhakti Yoga South Jersey has been providing personal attention to our students, helping them stay fit, active and healthy. Our Yoga Alliance certified instructors will listen to your needs and guide you to achieve your personal health and wellness goals.


      Hot Yoga   Restorative Yoga             

Hot Yoga proves effective in developing strength, flexibilty, balance, concentration and coordination. It greatly increases energy, improves sleep and reduces stress. The room is heated to warm the muscles and increase circulation. BYSJ hot classes are a relatively strenuous type of yoga, providing a cardiovascular workout along with strength and flexibility traiining.

Bhakti Yoga also offers a full schedule of less strenous Yoga classes, including the deeply relaxing Yoga Nidra. These classes include Amrit Yoga with Yoga Nidra, private Thai Yoga sessions, and a flow sequence with yoga Nidra. These are


All classes are are for beginners, and all classes are included in all memberships.

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       Bhakti Yoga SJ            Teacher Training

Are you ready to go deeper or even start teaching yoga yourself? Check our Bhakti Yoga South Jersey's Teacher Training Program! Session 1 is an Immersion Program during which you greatly expand the depth and power of your practice. Session 2 will enable you to become a certified teacher of yoga at its essence and completes your transformational path. See Teacher Training for more information.

Bhakti Yoga South Jersey is a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance, which designates this teacher training program as one which follows Yoga Alliance's standards.









New Life Nourishment Health Coaching

As a Health Coach and student of Ayurveda, Sandy offers a new approach to health and nutrition. Gain awareness of your body's unique constitution based on the dosha theory of Ayurveda. Through this awareness, you will make sense of lifelong tendencies, food preferences and inconsistencies that have confused you about diet and health for years.

What is Ayruveda?










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