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Raw Food Workshop

Raw Food Workshop

Sunday April 5, 2015

Investment $40.

Have you been fighting the same 10, 20 or 30 lbs for years? Jump-start your weight loss by resetting your metabolism!

Learn the health benefits of adding raw food into your menu. Topics covered will be: green leafy vegetables, fats and oils, sprouted grains, enzymes, organic foods, pesticides and the top 10 super foods. Learn the role of the juicer, the food processor, the dehydrator and the Vitamix or blender in the preparation of raw foods. Determine which raw food equipment best suits your needs, budget and kitchen.


Incorporating raw foods in your diet can be enticing and delicious. I will demonstrate how to prepare various raw food dishes. Taste every mouth-watering dish freshly prepared. We will discuss how to increase your health and well-being by increasing raw foods in your diet and, for those wanting to convert to 100% raw food, different options will be presented. You will leave with informational handouts and recipes. Come hungry!

Sign up at Bhakti Yoga Studio, go to in workshops or e-mail to register.

**Minimum of 5 participants to run session



"Accept all that you discover in yourself, rather than defining it as good or bad." ~Yogi Amrit Desai


When diet is wrong medicine is of no use.

When diet is correct medicine is of no need.
~Ayurvedic Proverb

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