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We often get asked why we practice our yoga hot.

Some published benefits of practicing in the heat include:


the heat means we can get into postures more deeply and effectively - plus the benefits of the postures come quickly.  Like thousands before you, you will find that practicing yoga in the warm room creates a satisfying and almost addictive feeling of achievement.


The benefits are many:


  • Your body burns fat more effectively; fat may be redistributed and burned as energy during the class. It is common to lose inches of shape in a very short time.
  • The heat produces a fluid like stretch allowing for greater range of movement in joints, muscles, ligaments, and other supporting structures of the body.
  • Capillaries dilate in the heat; more effectively oxygenating the tissues, muscles, glands, and organs and helping in the removal of waste products.
  • Your peripheral circulation improves de to enhanced perfusion of your extremities.
  • Your metabolism speeds up the breakdown of glucose and fatty acids.
  • You benefit from a strengthening of willpower, self control, concentration, and determination in this challenging environment.
  • Your cardiovascular system gets a thorough workout.
  • Your muscles and connective tissue become more elastic and allow for greater flexability with less chance of injury, and improved resolution of injury.
  • Sweating promotes detoxification and elimination through the skin -  which is the bodies largest eliminating organ.
  • Just as when your body raises its temperature to figh infection, the raised temperature in the room will assist in improving T-cell function and the proper functioning of your immune system.
  • Your nervous slystem function is greatly improved and messages are carried more efficiently to and from your brain.
  • Metabolism improves in your digestive system and in the body's cells (tht is food in the gut and nutrients in the cells)



"Accept all that you discover in yourself, rather than defining it as good or bad." ~Yogi Amrit Desai


When diet is wrong medicine is of no use.

When diet is correct medicine is of no need.
~Ayurvedic Proverb

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