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Teacher Bios - All BYSJ yoga instructors are Yoga Alliance Certified

Ed Gergler worked 28 years as a heavy labor construction pipe worker and as a drug and alcohol counselor for adolescents through 2008. His exceptional skill working with students of all ages and backgrounds comes from his varied professional  experience and 22 years of recovery.

In 2008, he was in a near fatal car crash, leaving him with chronic back pain. After months of rehabilitation and pain management efforts, doctors wanted to perform surgery on his back to relieve his pain. Ed was introduced to the therapuetic benefits of hot yoga, and with regular practice, his back pain was greatly relieved. Given the opportunity to open a hot yoga studio in 2010, Ed chose to make his passion for yoga and sharing its benefits with others his primary purpose. He is now the owner of the BYSJ Hot Yoga Studio of South Jersey and Teacher Trining School in Hainesport, NJ.

Ed is certified in Bikram Hot Yoga, 200 hour Barkan Method Levels I, II and III Vinyassa. Ed continually develops professionally through ongoing training. He is certified in Budokon, a yoga/ mixed martial arts method and has certified with Master Yogi Amrit Desai in the Amrit Method 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Program. Ed then went on to complete certifications for 100 hour Amrit Method Yoga Nidra, 100 hour Yoga Nidra Master’s Training, Amrit Method Yoga Therapy, and Thai Yoga. Weather you are looking for a rigorous, strengthening practice or the blissfull benefits of Yoga Therapy or Thai Yoga, Ed offers private sessions in the style of your choice outside the studio schedule.

Ed's extensive training and experience brings the highest quality instruction to BYSJ as well as the Bhakti Yoga South Jersey 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. No matter what your limitations are, Ed is an expert in modifications and adjustments. He is truly committed to sharing yoga with others in hope that they may benefit as he has. Ed’s positive, energetic and hands-on approach to helping students achieve their full potential in class is both comforting and inspiring.

Sandy Gergler is a long time practitioner of hot yoga. She first certified in Barkan Method Levels I, II and III Vinyassa in 2010 and 2011. Sandy has completed teacher training for the 200 hour Amrit Method Yoga and 100 hour Yoga Nidra with Yogi Master Amrit Desai in 2015. She certified in the Yogic Martial Art of Budokon in 2012. A teacher of high school chemistry, she teaches at the studio she co-owns with Ed Gergler. Her background in education is being applied to maintaining the most up to date curriculum for the Bhakti Studio’s 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program. She brings to the studio, her love of teaching, the scientific basis of the benefits of yoga and professional academic instruction that you will experience at training and workshops.
Sandy certified in 2012 as a Raw Food Teacher and as an Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach in 2013. In 2014, she completed the 500 hour Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant Program at the Amrit Yoga Institute with Dr. Vijay Jain and Dr. Shakher Annambholta. Ayurveda is the sister science of yoga. It and has its roots in maintaining balance in body, mind and spirit through individualized diet and lifestyle choices. Sandy finds yoga to be central to maintaining balance in her life and offers health and lifesyle coaching programs at the studio.

Alexandra LoBosco was introduced to hot yoga in her early teenage years. Many years later, she became intrested in the philosophical teachings of Amrit Yoga and spent many hours reading and studing yoga philosophy. As she learned more about the ancient teachings, she applied yoga to her everyday life to cope with stress and began a spiritual journey of awakening. Alexandra graduated Bhakti Yoga South Jersey 200 hour Teacher Training in 2016 and began teaching yoga classes at BYSJ at that time. Days later, she traveled to Salt Springs, Florida to study Yoga Nidra, a sleep based meditation, with Master Yogi Amrit Desai and Kamini Desai. Alexandra is a natural yoga instructor and her authenticity comes through in the many classes she teaches at BYSJ.

Laura Duarte started practicing hot yoga in May of 2013 after reading about its health benefits in a health and wellness journal. She initially recommended it to her husband, who instantly loved it and urged her to try it as well. Needless to say, Laura was hooked immediately and has continued to practice on a regular basis. Being an avid long time runner, as well as working in the health care industry for over 20 years, Laura has suffered through multiple knee injuries, chronic neck and lower back issues, as well as muscle and joint tightness.  Through her commitment to a regular practice, Laura has experienced the healing benefits of hot yoga first hand.  Her love and commitment for hot yoga have not only transformed her physically, it has sparked a spiritual awakening that has been inspiring in all facets of her life to say the least.  Having recently completed her 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certification through Bhakti Yoga South Jersey, Laura is eager to teach and share her love for yoga.  Although Laura continues to work fulltime as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, she is committed to teaching and practicing hot yoga as often as possible.

Barbara Keeney  has been practicing hot yoga at BYSJ since 2011.

In July 2014, she retired and started volunteering with seniors. The seniors wanted her to teach them yoga so she took the BYSJ 200 Hour Teacher Training, graduating in October 2016. Barbara continues to work with seniors while also teaching teaching Vinyasa Flow classes at Bhakti Yoga South Jersey.


Alyssa Wheeldon 

In 2013 Alyssa practiced hot yoga for the first time and it has become an essential part her life. As a student of eastern religions and Sanskrit at the University of Victoria, and currently Rowan College, Alyssa has a profound understanding of yogic philosophy. Practicing and studying this ancient tradition has given her a physical, mental, emotional, and energetic strength she had never known prior to this journey. Daily practice helps her to heal from damage caused by severe obesity in her early childhood. She believes in yoga as a powerful tool for healing and gaining wisdom, so she wants to share her knowledge and scholarship with her students. Her background as a belly dance instructor, swim teacher, and health coach assures excellent teaching ability and communication. Her background as an artist assures that every class comes genuinely from her heart.


Britt Conard

After many years of rehabbing different physical injuries, Britt found yoga provided relief. At first the practice was for the physical benefits but as time passed, Britt found the yoga was therapeutic for mind and body. After hearing about the physical benefits of the hot yoga, she came to our Bhaki Hot Yoga studio and after one class, she fell in love. Wanting to learn more about the history and philosophy behind the history of yoga she enrolled in our 200-hour teachers training. Once the training was complete, Britt decided she must share this new-found passion with others.

"Accept all that you discover in yourself, rather than defining it as good or bad." ~Yogi Amrit Desai


When diet is wrong medicine is of no use.

When diet is correct medicine is of no need.
~Ayurvedic Proverb

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