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I feel honored to have participated in BYSJ’s teacher training. It was an all around great experience, I’ll highlight just two aspect that I feel really stand out and which set this teacher training apart from many others.
A stress free, relaxed and comfortable tone was constant throughout. Any teacher training is certain to come with some level of stress. Taking off from work, food, laundry, long days, learning something new...there’s a lot of planning that goes into attending a training. Ed and Sandy made sure we were comfortable and not worrying, allowing us to focus on the material at hand. I felt at ease and always enjoying the learning process. I feel from all the trainings they have attended, they know and understand how important this is.
The other aspect I want to mention is how prepared this training makes you feel upon completion, To Be Ready To Start Teaching! Teaching can easily become lost in a training as there’s so much material to cover, but through practicing the dialogue daily, practicums and even teaching a mock class, I felt like I had already taught a class before I even graduated.
I’d like to thank Ed, Sandy & Gwen for such a professional job in designing this training. I’d recommend and encourage this training to anybody. After doing the yoga for so many years and finally getting up from the mat and teaching, it offers such a different perspective on something I’ve loved to do for so long.                          
  ~Dave D.

I recently completed the 200-hr yoga teacher training at Bhakti Yoga in January of this year. This is a very well-rounded program, which included instruction in philosophy, asana, nutrition, anatomy and more. It was a truly transformative experience and I highly recommend the training to those who wish to get more out of their training than just learning asana.
I knew when I first came to practice at Bhakti a couple years ago that I would love it if the studio decided to take on a teacher training program because of the dynamics and depth of knowledge of yoga that Ed and Sandy Gergler bring to their studio. I was not disappointed.
Ed and Sandy, your teachers and guides, will take you through a profound personal experience through the practice of ancient Sanskrit philosophy and wisdom and teach you practical skills that you can take away not only for yourself, but to expand the practices of your future students. Both Ed and Sandy are deeply passionate about what they do, and you could tell that they wanted each of their students to walk away with an understanding of the true essence of Yoga, rather than teach you just the external results of Yoga that make you look like a good teacher.
Bhakti Yoga teacher training exceeded my expectations. I believe that Ed and Sandy’s training is unique and draws deeply from the ancient practices of yoga. They both have a wealth of knowledge and the uncanny ability to communicate very complex spiritual concepts in a way that students can truly understand and experience. I definitely felt that Bhakti provided me with the skillset I needed to become a more effective and compassionate teacher. More importantly, I felt that I left training not only as a well-prepared yoga teacher, but also a more enlightened soul, with a better and deeper understanding of myself.
  - Cheryl B



I participated in the Bhakti Yoga South Jersey teacher training program for personal growth, rather than to become a teacher.  The program provided everything I hoped for and much more.   First, my physical asana practice was much improved by the personal attention of the teacher training posture clinics.  The in depth instruction received while learning to teach others provided a wealth of information about each posture, the correct way to do each posture, and the physical and mental benefits of each posture.  The lectures gave me a new understanding of why I feel the benefits from practicing yoga.

Overall I came out of teacher training with a more relaxed outlook on life in general. My asana practice is much more focused now, and I feel  that I now get even greater benefit from each class.  I no longer stress the ‘small stuff’.    This is a comprehensive and professional program, providing everything needed to teach others,  as well as a great benefit to self.

  - GD

"Accept all that you discover in yourself, rather than defining it as good or bad." ~Yogi Amrit Desai


When diet is wrong medicine is of no use.

When diet is correct medicine is of no need.
~Ayurvedic Proverb

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